Charla’s View of the Dance Floor

We’ve been out “interviewing” dozens of women – getting advice straight from those that want to get to know guys like you. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting what these girls have had to say.

Tell us your thoughts & experiences of the dance floor at a night club.

It makes me laugh to see guys who can’t dance and try hard to impress the girls. On the other hand, I’m always glad to see guys who can’t dance but don’t care because they are truly having a good time. The difference between a guy who does it to impress and a guy who does it because he genuinely enjoys it are very obvious, and kudos to the latter ones.

Now, on the grinding. I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate that. I’m pretty sure I even called the club’s security on a grinder once. It’s entirely disrespectful, tasteless and the number one way to get me to dislike you from the start.

- Charla (29)

Editor’s Note: DRH from Dance Floor Game Mastery has an excellent ebook on approaching women on the dance floor – even if you can’t dance.  We recommend checking it out!  CLICK HERE!


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