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We’ve been out “interviewing” dozens of women – getting advice straight from those that want to get to know guys like you.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting what these girls have had to say.

What would you consider the WORST thing guys do when approaching a woman?

Approaching in an aggressively sexually-oriented fashion is a no-no!
In my eyes, they come across as desperate, lame and sleazy when they do.
A subtle, sexual approach is fine – that demonstrates confidence and seductiveness.

-Caroline (31)


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Don’t Say “Yes”…. When you mean “NO!”

If you mean to say NO, then damn it… say NO !

Don’t say yes in hopes to avoid hurting someone’s feelings… you’ll regret it later – and what is more important – you’re mental health or someone’s feelings?  Besides – if you hurt someone’s feelings, they’ll typically get over it and respect you for having your HONEST say as opposed to just being the ‘go along with it’ kind of guy you used to be!


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