Hei Matau

I don’t recommend “extravagant” peacocking attempts, but something stylish and unique can help out your small talk skills dramatically.  Quite often a visible piece of something unique will have people approach you to talk about – of course, if you notice something unique that someone else is wearing, it is a great way to start a conversation.

A seductive conversation or not – remember, it is all about practicing your skills in communications!

for  Safe Passage Over Water

Hei Matau

I noticed this little ‘gem’ the other day… hand carved from bone and very reasonably priced.  I’m an avid scuba diver and so these have ‘meaning’ to me and can be great for conversation pieces which could then lead into dive stories.   Get yours over at wandererimports.com

Let us know if you have found some interesting articles of clothing or accessories that have helped you break some of the conversation barriers in your life – for general small talk, or even small talk for seduction!



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