Bang – More Lays in 60 Days – by RooshV

Hey. I just started reading Bang and just wanted to let you know it’s a great book. I don’t cringe when I read it like I do with other books in the genre. Your approach is matter-of-fact and down to earth. Other books, frankly, often appear to be written by douchebags. With your approach one can have actual relationships that are sincere, even if they are just brief hookups or one night stands. You don’t advocate lying, dressing up like a raver from 1992, and memorizing bullshit.

Bang is a downloadable e-book that will cost you less than a night out – and the matter of fact, down to earth approach will get you results the first time you put material to use!

This is definitely a book you have to read!  CLICK HERE to learn more and to order!


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